Hello 9×12

I started Project Life in 2012 with weekly 12×12 pocket page spreads. This was the first year of my son’s life so I am incredibly happy to have that documentation through his first year. But weekly was definitely overwhelming, especially with an infant, so for 2013-2015, I switched to monthly 12×12 spreads with an occasional insert. I switched back to weekly in 2016 with my introduction to the Project Life app, but again got so overwhelmed, I completely burned out.

In 2018, I thought I would try again with 6×8, but learned rather quickly, that just was not the size for this project. While I still love 6×8 for my individual story based albums and for special projects, it just did not fit my everyday life photos framework.

After over two years of no Project Life, I definitely missed it, and decided for 2019 that I would give monthly layouts in 9×12 format a try. I created this layout for February and was quickly hooked!

thosemissingpieces Feb 2019 PL Layout

This one was put together using the Jaimee kit by Felicity Jane

I knew I wanted to try some more and play catch up on the years I had missed. So I printed all of my photos from 2017 that I wanted to include and created a couple more layouts.


thosemissingpieces Apr 2017 PL Layout

This layout uses the Megan Kit by Felicity Jane

thosemissingpieces Jun 2017 PL Layout

And finally – this one is using the Sarah Kit by Felicity Jane

I have now printed all of 2018 and through June of 2019 and have all the photos in my album. I also added cards for about 10 more months and have some final embellishing to do on a few before I call those done. I am a bit sad I didn’t take better notes to add as journaling at the time and it will be more retrospective for prior years, but I am still glad I will have this project continuing with what I can remember.

I have taken a look back at my past Project Life albums, and although in the moment, it seems like a lot of work and I am not always super motivated to work on it, I am incredibly thankful to have the albums I have already completed and it reminds me how important it is for me to continue this documentation of my family’s everyday life.



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