Little Mr. Adventure

I had a couple of days off of work for the school’s fall break this week. I totally planned to utilize some of the time to prep and pack for Story Camp, which is already NEXT WEEK!!! (OMG! I am so freaking excited!!!)

But while prepping some of my photos, I just couldn’t seem to tear myself away form my scrap table! And here is the result of my procrastination!


I made this double 6×8 layouts using the Ali Edwards Go Story Kit and some word art from her free passport series she ran this summer. I love that I get the Digital Story kits for free with my Story Kit and Story Stamp subscriptions. It allows me to do projects like this where I recolored a card to make a better match for my color scheme and I can place the word art directly on my photos. And I am learning so much about myself and process as I am doing these. I am a digital planner. I like to lay everything out digitally and see how it will look, the print and put it together with elements and finishing touches. This works for me. It allows me to put pages like this together in no time!


So loving scrapbooking right now and SOOOOO looking forward to Story Camp next week!

App Scrapping Meets Hybrid Scrapping

When I started scrapping with the Project Life App last year, I loved the simplicity of getting my layouts done but always intended to go back some day and embellish to add some dimension. I was perfectly ok without doing any embellishing but I figured if the mood struck me, I would add a few things here and there. During a three day scrap retreat in July, I got that chance. I was able to add a few fun embellishments to almost half my album in just a few hours. As a sample, here is my October Project Life Creative Team layout with the final embellishments.


I added a 6×12 insert because there were SOOO many photos from our trip to Disneyland, but I was able to narrow it down to my favorite few.


And some close ups of the added embellishments


I am really happy with these added elements. I think I will definitely make it a goal to embellish the rest of the album at some point.



October Project Life Creative Team Layout

The October Project Life Digital and App Creative Team layouts have been posted on Becky’s Blog here.

I am always excited when the posts come out to see which of my layouts is featured. It still surprises me to scroll through and see my stuff featured even after 10 months of doing this. I am sad the year is coming to a close but excited about what the future holds and what doors this opportunity might open for me.

But in the meantime, I can still soak up all this inspiration and joy I find from creating for the Team.

But I digress. Back to the topic at hand. This layout features the Magic Memories Themed Cards and Design A  and Design W Templates.

This was the perfect kit for a quick snapshot of some of my favorite photos from my son’s first trip to Disneyland last year. I have many more photos and plan to make a mini album some day but I was glad I got this story down while it was still fairly fresh.

EEFF378D-B35F-44B1-A9C0-D633A3664D6A.jpegJust seeing these photos and remembering that trip makes me smile. We totally need to go back soon!

My Creative Re-Inspiration using the Time Kit

I am reconsidering the whole way I scrapbook and my approach Project Life lately. I started scrapbooking because of the photos and mainly scrapped event based only. Around 2008, I started scrapping the everyday but still treated it like an event. And then in 2011, I started Project Life full time but still approached it all from a photo-centric perspective. But these last fews months I felt a shift. Instead of looking at photos first, I am realizing I am looking at stories first and trying to find a photo to fit. Sure there are still times I can look at the photos and say – oh I want to tell this story or this photo reminds me of… (fill in the blank). But now I find myself looking for stories in my everyday and taking a photo because I know I want tell that story. It’s a refreshing perspective and I think it’s what I really needed to inspire me in creative hobby.

As part of that, I decided I wanted to start looking at Project Life in a more theme based process. I knew the Time kit by Ali Edwards would be coming in the mail during the week, so my first theme was time. I took photos throughout the week and then took screenshots of the time on my phone right after so I would know what time of day it was taken and could add it to my layout for the week. I found that keeping the theme in mind kept me more inspired to take photos throughout the week and even consider what stories I wanted to tell. Like my son getting up in the morning and even though it’s really early, he can still brighten my day with a snuggle and a smile. Or how lovely the afternoon sunlight is coming through my window at work. I am not sure I would have thought about taking those photos on any other week if I had not had the theme in mind.

And on top of that, I was so inspired and excited about my theme week that I actually sat down on Sunday and completed the full week’s layout before the week was even over!!!!

I am so thankful for this new inspiration.

Time Detail 1Time Detal 2

And here is the full layout. It has been a long time since I have done a physical/traditional Project Life page and boy did this feel good! I think a good mix of both app, digital, and traditional pages are in my near future!

Time Layout Full

Project Life Re-Do

I have been a subscriber to the Ali Edwards’ Story Kits since she started making them a ways back. I used them occasionally but I would say I was more of a hoarder. I anxiously awaited the release of the class content but would skim over the words looking for the layouts. And occasionally I would note a layout that caught my eye and would think “I can use this for xyz photo(s).”

What I didn’t really realize until a few months months ago, was that although I was a subscriber of the kits, I wasn’t really a subscriber of the philosophy. I was missing out on so much content and inspiration that I never even realized the world that awaited me. I think it was the Type class that started changing that for me. That’s when I REALLY started to listen to what Ali was saying on the videos. And something just clicked for me. AHA! This is what I am missing! The story!

I started rewatching some class videos and running back through a lot of the content with new eyes. I was totally inspired and all of these stories started running through my head. I started using 6×8 size to get a bunch of them down and was able to crank out several layouts over the last few months.

About two weeks ago, I sat down to work on some Project Life layouts in the app. I have done this about a dozen times over the last several months. Sat down to work on it. Launch everything, stare at it, then close it down and play a game or do some other time sucking activity instead. It came to a point where I was really disappointed in myself because it was something I was dreading rather than something that brought me joy.

Late last Saturday night, I had one of those moments and went to bed really disappointed. But as I lay there, I realized, part of why it wasn’t bringing me joy anymore was that I was trying to force it. I had to remember “my reason why” as Ali puts it. I got into scrapbooking and Project Life because I originally loved photography and family history and storytelling and wanted a place to put it all. But I found this year that I wasn’t taking as many photos, so trying to fill up a two page spread per week left me putting photos in wholes just to fill it up. Not necessarily because I loved the photo or it told a story. Just a filler. And that was no where near a reminder of my reason why I was doing this in the first place.

So I decided to start over. I know, GASP!!!  But that is part of the beauty of the app. It’s super simple to try something different and make copies and move stuff around if you want to.  I was ok with what I had done for the month of January so I left those as is. But I looked back at February through May, most of which I had at least chosen photos for, if not already done a very uninspiring layout for and considered everything with new eyes. I looked at layout after layout and realized on some of them, I liked all of the photos and wanted to keep it as is, but on others, I only liked a few, or even one photo and I could combine what was originally four uninspiring layouts into two that I loved!  And in one day I did layouts for February through May and I totally loved the results!  It’s not a layout per week, but I have 24 layouts for 2017 done so far and I can tell I am inspired to create more again!

Here are a few of what I came up with. These are for May. The first two pages took place in one weekend, while the next two are my favorite photos or stories from the rest of the month.


As Jess Forster would say “Done is better than none!”



September Project Life App Creative Team Layout

The September Project Life Digital and App Creative team layouts are up on Becky’s blog here

And here is my featured layout


This is using the Design A template and all of the cards are from the Midnight Edition and using a Just Add Color overlay. Everything was made in the app and only took a total of about 3 minutes to create from start to finish!!!

This was truly one of my favorite ever layouts that I have created. So simple but the pictures say it all. I love the black and white look and am considering doing an all black and white (maybe with splashes of red) December Daily this year.

Hope you like it!