A Very Productive Weekend

For months and months and months, I get excited about the happy mail waiting for me around the 18th of the month when my Story Kit arrives. I pull everything out and ogle it and drool…. and then proceed to put it away and possibly not look it again for months and month and months. I decided this month to change that. I still anxiously awaited the happy mail, pulled out the package and ogled everything. But this time, I opened up every single piece and laid it all out on my little work table next to our kitchen table. I sat  and looked at each piece spread out before me and played with them, feeling their texture and looking closely at some of the details. And I found myself totally inspired to create. I saw one 3×4 card that said Hindsight = 20/20 and thought ” I love that card, I want to make something with it.” And here is what came of it:

Lynne Ashcraft Hindsight is 2020

As a subscriber to the Story Kit and Story Stamp, I get the digital kit for free as well, so I made that 3×4 card that came with the kit into a 6×8 and did this all digitally. I ended up printing it on white paper and printing the photo on photo paper and adhering it for a more dimensional hybrid look. It actually took me longer to figure out how to get the text on the circular path around the circle element then the rest of the layout took me to put all together in total!  Here is the final printed layout.

Lynne Ashcraft Hindsight is 2020 done

My original inspiration came from the plastic word and the little circle elements. I had sen the circles in the kit preview and knew I wanted to do something with them and already had something in my head about a timeline of different photos of David through the years. This one came together really quickly and I absolutely love it!!!!

Lynne Ashcraft Time 12x12 DetailLynne Ashcraft Time 12x12 Full

I ended up using the digital “time” stamp by Ali Edwards from the digital time kit because I ended up liking the pop of the black a lot better than the white on white that the plastic word would have created. But I still stuck with the word and the circle element that I had in in my head since the preview.

I also used some Felicity Jane papers for the solid blue strip and the blue outer pattern and the hearts are from Gossamer Blue when I picked up some of their going out of business deals.

I need to get better at my layout photos. I have horrible light everywhere in my house so it isn’t easy!  But practice makes progress so I am going to keep at it!


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