The Great Purge!

I spent a few days last week purging a good 2/3 of my craft room. I have five plastic tubs of stuff to give away/donate and also got rid of an extra desk and bookcase. I now smile when I go into my craft room instead of feeling overwhelmed. The space has opened up and created a place for me to find joy and inspiration instead of stress.

For those on the fence about purging, do it! It does suck that I see so much money wasted in stuff I am just going to give away but I find that if the stuff I have left brings me more joy, I will actually use it and not have wasted money on creating nothing at all because I am overwhelmed by so much stuff!

I was spending waaaaay too much time trying to look for stuff or find that “perfect” little thing in my stash. I found that when I limited myself to only what was in my Raskog cart, I actually created 2-3 times as many layouts because I just stuck with what I had on hand instead of wasting time searching. My style has totally changed too and there was stuff I was still holding onto that was over 10 years old. It was definitely time to let go of some of this. I was pretty ruthless!

I started this hobby to create, not to be overwhelmed or feel guilty or constantly feel like I need to organize. I feel so much better now and excited to create again!

I wish I had a before photo but I keep forgetting those. Here is the after!

Thosemissingpieces craft room

Apparently my doggies love it too!

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