Story Camp Mini Album

I had the pleasure of attending Story Camp last month hosted by Ali Edwards and what an adventure it was! I came home completely inspired and ready to make an album all about the experience.

This week I have had some time off for the holidays, which gave the perfect opportunity for some scrapping time. I sat down with limited supplies and got to work. I tried not to overthink anything and just simplify and get it done. And get it done, I did.

I used some dots and hearts from Gossamur Blue (now out of business) and letters from Felicity Jane on two pages, but otherwise, almost all Ali Edwards supplies everywhere else.

So without further ado, here is the completed album.

This photo for my cover page was care of Sarah at The Creative Makery in Eugene, Oregon. She helped us all weekend and took some fantastic photos!


We set off on Thursday morning and hit the road. It was a beautiful drive with vibrant fall colors all through Oregon. It was a breathtaking adventure!


Some close up detail of the road trip title card.


Our room at Inn at the 5th was awesome! They had free beer, wine, and soda in the lobby and they were within walking distance of lots of shopping and restaurants. I would definitely stay there again!


We attended a Welcome session on Thursday and were lavished with goodies and hugs galore. We were like a bunch of giddy fan girls waiting in line to hug Katie and Ali. You could just feel the excitement in the air from all the attendees and it was infectious.



I loved that we each got a personalized card in our goodies. I knew this one was going in my book as soon as I opened it!


This quote was awesome and really resonated with me during the welcome session. I was so thankful the handouts were shared with us so that I could include some of these details.



Ali shared some of her scrapping flow charts, which made me all giddy! I blurred this one since it is her copyrighted material but still wanted to share this as part of my album.


I got in the picture! Woohoo!


Ali shared her albums with us and let us look through all of them as many times as we wanted. It was awesome to see everything in person and SOOOO inspiring.


The photo walk turned out to be my favorite part of the weekend. It was something she had not done in the first Story Camp and had added it for ours. It really reminded me of why I got into this hobby in the first place and challenged me to see the world through a different perspective of my camera lens again.


This “Me” page was a challenge for me to use my own writing, which I normally would’t do, but I wanted to try it just to break outside my “normal” and I am glad that I did. I still don’t think using my own handwriting is for me, but I am glad to say I tried it and learned.


We did some shopping on our first day there. There were some totally cute shops that were fun to browse around and spend WAY too much money in.


Some detail…


And the food was awesome! I don’t think I have ever eaten so much good food (and good beer) in my life!


I loved this Drink Me ticket so I wanted to include it in my album somewhere. It was from our last night at Camp for our cocktails and crop but it was part of the weekend refreshments, so I threw it in here.


And the best part of the whole weekend was the friendships we created. I think that chipboard flag says it best, “We just get each other”


My bracelet from the weekend says Breathe as a reminder of how calm and relaxed and full of joy I was from the weekend. I wanted that word as a reminder to go back t that mind space more often. I came home and asked my husband to order me a custom bracelet for my 2018 One Little Word. Custom designs are available from (no affiliation, just love the design!)


And our drive home was bittersweet. I missed my boys and was glad to be going home to them but leaving Eugene and the Story Camp experience behind was extra sad. Good thing we loaded up with Voodoo Donuts for our ride home.


I am still aglow with having experienced this awesome adventure. Even my husband told me recently that if ever a chance to do something like that again comes up, he wants meet take it. I asked why and he said I just looked different when I came back. More relaxed, more happy, and that look suited me. I am so thankful for Katie and Ali sharing this experience with us and know I will remember this forever!

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