I think I’m in love!!!!

A lot of my goals this year revolve around scheduling time each week or each month to do what I need to do to work toward them. I had a friend come over for the holidays that was the one that got into planning last year (enabler!) and we spent some time working on our planners. I phased in and out of using it in 2017 and couldn’t really find my groove. But because so much of this year is going to be schedule related, I knew I needed a resource to record all that. I made my own Frankenplanner (crossing elements of multiple planners) out of  two Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planners, the 2018 Modern Simple Happy Planner and the Happy Planner Goal Getter gearing this section more toward scheduled appointments and work tasks.

I decorated my monthly spread and a few weeks and told myself it was ok to use some of my Felicity Jane stash (you know, that stuff I have been hoarding because it is too pretty to use, so I never use it!). So I did!




And then I realized I have some other cut files on my Silhouette. So I cut some and decided to use them. So I did!


And THEN I realized I have other png’s that I can print and cut. So I did!


And THEN Felicity Jane’s January release “Reagan” was posted and I actually GASPED when I saw they were finally offering a digital version of their kits. MORE STICKERS!!!


And then… I was in heaven and fell in love with my Silhouette Cameo all over again. I spent HOURS tracing png’s and printing on label paper over New Year’s weekend, then cutting the stickers with the Silhouette.

I am realizing the possibilities are endless! I think I finally found planner peace!

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