Paislee Press Guest Designer

I have been a secret stalker of Liz Tamanaha’s designs at Paislee Press for many years, so when I got a note from her asking me to be a guest designer for her team this year, I was over the moon elated!!!!

I fell in love with the Messy Beautiful kit as soon as it came out and knew I had to use it. Once I gathered some photos of my son for my 2018 Project Life Album from a random week in January, I knew this would be the perfect kit to pair with them.

So without further ado, here are my first guest creative team submissions for Paislee Press Designs using the Messy Beautiful Journal Cards and Messy Beautiful Elements.


Now I’m off to keep creating!

The Great Purge!

I spent a few days last week purging a good 2/3 of my craft room. I have five plastic tubs of stuff to give away/donate and also got rid of an extra desk and bookcase. I now smile when I go into my craft room instead of feeling overwhelmed. The space has opened up and created a place for me to find joy and inspiration instead of stress.

For those on the fence about purging, do it! It does suck that I see so much money wasted in stuff I am just going to give away but I find that if the stuff I have left brings me more joy, I will actually use it and not have wasted money on creating nothing at all because I am overwhelmed by so much stuff!

I was spending waaaaay too much time trying to look for stuff or find that “perfect” little thing in my stash. I found that when I limited myself to only what was in my Raskog cart, I actually created 2-3 times as many layouts because I just stuck with what I had on hand instead of wasting time searching. My style has totally changed too and there was stuff I was still holding onto that was over 10 years old. It was definitely time to let go of some of this. I was pretty ruthless!

I started this hobby to create, not to be overwhelmed or feel guilty or constantly feel like I need to organize. I feel so much better now and excited to create again!

I wish I had a before photo but I keep forgetting those. Here is the after!

Thosemissingpieces craft room

Apparently my doggies love it too!

One Little Word Album in the Works

This is my first year doing One Little Word and I am totally hooked. I love this project already. I am witnessing my word in daily life and making small (and large) changes as I reflect on it. Making the album is a great reminder and a great inspiration for keeping it going.

Here are my cover and my first few pages.

ThoseMissingPieces OLW 1

I enlarged a 3×4 card from the Ali Edwards One Little Word Main Digital Kit to 6×8 and added the one little word word art (also from Ali). The black star tab at the top is from one of Ali’s story kits and the black polka dot paper is a recolored Ali card from a digital story kit, and the black stickers are from the One Little Word sticker kit (currently sold out but the stickers are also part of the digital kit.)  The COMMIT alphas and gray patterned paper that is the background frame for the page as well as the scalloped strip behind my word are from Felicity Jane.

ThoseMissingPieces OLW 2

The Intentions page is part of the main digital kit, the I can do this sticker from the sticker kit, and the Gray stars are Gossamer Blue (out of business now – boo hoo!). I used some more of the black polka dot strips to both sides of this spread to create some uniformity. I see a color palette definitely repeating throughout the rest of my album!  I also added an Avery Index tab to a 3×8 page protector where my self portrait is housed (of half of a self-portrait!) and added the embrace your word sticker into the tab from the sticker kit. Here is a close up of the tab. I actually really like this portrait, which is rare for me! I took it as part of the #Thursday3 that I am participating in this year.

ThoseMissingPieces OLW 3

The One Little Word transparency behind the photo is from the One Little Word physical Main Kit (also sold out.)

ThoseMissingPieces OLW 4

This is the back side of the 3×8 self-portrait. I created this in Photoshop using the twenty eighteen word art by Paislee Press. I added my word as a text layer behind the year word art and then typed some quotes on a rectangular clipping mask.

ThoseMissingPieces OLW 5

These are my opening pages for the January prompts. The Jan card is from the physical One Little Word Main kit and the card below it was included in my Powersheets order from Cultivate What Matters. The Powersheets are an awesome goal setting (and accountability) tracing system and I am excited to try them out this year. When I got the card in the package with my order, I knew I had to include it in my OLW album. The saying is the perfect quote for the reason why I chose Commit as my word this year!

ThoseMissingPieces OLW 6

These cards are all from the One Little Word Main Digital Kit with the labels and stickers from the physical main kit.

I can’t wait to fill in the rest of January with all of my accomplishments!


2018 Project Life Title Page

I am super stoked to be using 6×8 size for my 2018 album. I already have ideas for the first few weeks of the year and the stories I want to tell. But first, I held out for the twenty eighteen word art by Paislee Press knowing it would be released this weekend. And as soon as it was, I created my 2018 opening page. The photos are technically from November but I think they are a good snapshot of what we look like to start our year.

thosemissingpieces 2018 Cover

The little hearts and Stories of life stickers are from Ali Edwards and the Remember This card is also from a collaboration kit called Foundation that include Paislee Press as one of the designers.

Here is a close up of the twenty eighteen word art. I love it so much I also used it in my One Little Word album and I am sure I will use it several more times this year. Love love love!

Thosemissingpieces 2018 Cover Detail

My Crafty Plans for 2018

I started scrapbooking in 2005. When my son was born in December of 2011, Project Life® made perfect sense for 2012 to document his first year. Somehow I managed a weekly spread for that entire year but I knew it wouldn’t be manageable long-term and I knew I missed making traditional layouts.

For 2013, 2014, and 2015, I did a two page spread per month and that was a lot more manageable. But I missed some of those every day moments and capturing some of those details that I just wasn’t documenting in a monthly format.

Enter the Project Life® App in 2016. A godsend! I managed to go back to weekly and capture some of those details I felt were missing in the prior years. And miracle of all miracles, I made the 2017 Project Life® Creative Team for the app. I loved participating in the Creative Team and it really helped reinvigorate me with this hobby all together. But my motivation to do weekly spreads fizzled about mid-year. I felt I was forcing it just to fill in the slots in the pocket page instead of actually documenting what I wanted to remember and look back on.

I am not sure where the shift happened, but I am sure it had a LOT to do with getting in to Story Camp last year. I religiously went back and watched a lot of my Ali Edwards videos from the Story Kits and other classes I had taken from her. I started really considering what I got into this hobby for and what I really want to get from it. I created several 6×8 layouts last year. Some from the present, some from my past of stories I just knew I wanted to tell. I realized I was finally shifting my vision to starting with a story or letting the story guide me, not just filling in the slots. You can read more about my re-invention HERE

This year, I just want to go with the flow. I plan to stick with 6×8. I did a bunch of 6×8 layouts in 2017 and fell in love with the size!  Here are some of my favorites from the year:





What I am really changing up this year is embracing that I am a hybrid scrapper through and through. I am definitely not a print my photos without a plan kind of girl. I need to know what size I am planning on using and generally have a layout or sketch in mind. I can wing it from there when it comes to product, but I like to lay it all out digitally first and then print everything at home. Typically laying it out digitally also means I try to find coordinating cards and/or paper digitally as well. That way I can recolor or type my journaling to match (since I really don’t like my handwriting anyway), so it just seems easier for me to do it this way. I have never been one to just print a whole bunch of 4×6 photos and stick them in the pockets. I always want to see how they will layout first and maybe add some stamps or other elements before printing. So I am learning to embrace this and just realize that this is the way it is. GO WITH IT!

So I am scheduling digi time two days per week after my son goes to bed. I will sit down with my iPad or my computer and prep photos or other elements and get them ready for the opportunities I get to actually sit down and scrap. That may not be every weekend but I hope to have Scrap Saturdays at least once per month, whether I go to a crop or stay home. If it’s on the calendar, I know I will be more likely to stick to it. As I said in my last post, my planner is my friend this year!

I think I’m in love!!!!

A lot of my goals this year revolve around scheduling time each week or each month to do what I need to do to work toward them. I had a friend come over for the holidays that was the one that got into planning last year (enabler!) and we spent some time working on our planners. I phased in and out of using it in 2017 and couldn’t really find my groove. But because so much of this year is going to be schedule related, I knew I needed a resource to record all that. I made my own Frankenplanner (crossing elements of multiple planners) out of  two Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planners, the 2018 Modern Simple Happy Planner and the Happy Planner Goal Getter gearing this section more toward scheduled appointments and work tasks.

I decorated my monthly spread and a few weeks and told myself it was ok to use some of my Felicity Jane stash (you know, that stuff I have been hoarding because it is too pretty to use, so I never use it!). So I did!




And then I realized I have some other cut files on my Silhouette. So I cut some and decided to use them. So I did!


And THEN I realized I have other png’s that I can print and cut. So I did!


And THEN Felicity Jane’s January release “Reagan” was posted and I actually GASPED when I saw they were finally offering a digital version of their kits. MORE STICKERS!!!


And then… I was in heaven and fell in love with my Silhouette Cameo all over again. I spent HOURS tracing png’s and printing on label paper over New Year’s weekend, then cutting the stickers with the Silhouette.

I am realizing the possibilities are endless! I think I finally found planner peace!